Money Pro: Personal Finance App Reviews

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bem completo, funcional.


App funktioniert wie sie soll.

Discovering a great app

Great deal of functionality. Need to take time to learn how to use efficiently but after one day of use I have gotten rid of the other apps I had.

Money Pro

Excellent App, great visual properties for numbers, great functionalty including color, ease of data entry, with date,time control. Reports are easy.

Ottima ma....

Family cloud non va !!!!

ICloud only with Montly plan?

I bought the apps for Mac and for iPhone and now I have to pay a monthly plan to get apps synced?? Are you speaking seriously?

Money Pro

I found this app to be easy to use and setup accounts. It helps me keep up with bills and income and I can see just how much I spent in a month or a year, and I can see how much money Ive made at any given time which is the main reason I bought this app. Great app$

Almost Perfect

This app is almost perfect. I will add an option to do a cash flow report of future planned items. If you like to plan your budgets ahead there is no way in the app to see when your money will be gone. Unless you show your items as paid but then you lose the reminder options... I guess nothing is perfect any way.

Great iPhone App but bad Watch

The Watch app not always sync, so is not very good


i want time 12 -> 24

By far the best personal finance app on App Store! Ive used a lot personal finance app, but always resort back to using this one!

Love it

Does everything that I needed it to do.


Great and exactly what I needed

Just Perfect!

Best personal finance app. Brilliant design, you can use 3D Touch all over the app and its very useful. Clear, simple to use.

Great App

Does everything I need. Only suggestion would be better instructions and autofill and type payee selection instead of scrolling a huge list.

Great app!

Ive used this app for more than a year and its still quite useful and handy. Good job and keep improving.

High Potential

This app excels in everything except custom budgeting and there is where it fails miserably. There is an option to set custom dates but thats pretty much it as budget amounts will still be set to the default month cycle (1st to last day of month). Since this is a must have option for me and because I dont see any progress on that I gave it two stars. Update 27/06 - Still no feedback on the issue. Update 12/07 - No feedback on the issue from the developer - rating reduced


This is the best personal finance app in store. I tried many apps and finally found that app. Moneycare app is no longer good and has no budget function. Expense 5 can tell you how much you will save in a tear. Money Wiz is very complicated. Thanks fir this awesome app and keep it up

Fantastic Tracking App

Easy to use. Links on all my platforms. Great reports.

Problem Report

Since one month the app shuts down after 10 seconds. Please developer solve this problem (bug) urgent !!!!!

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