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ICloud only with Montly plan?

I bought the apps for Mac and for iPhone and now I have to pay a monthly plan to get apps synced?? Are you speaking seriously?

Family Sync, finally! Wait....

A much desired feature, family cloud sync, is finally here! But as a PAID SUBSCRIPTION. Really? $4.99 to purchase this app wasnt enough? I bought this app when it was first released, and there have been many improvements. But this is absolutely ridiculous. I will be finding another app to manage my finances and synchronize via family cloud before I pay a monthly fee for this.

Used to be a good app...

Till the developer got as greedy as the rest of iOS developers! Really took away Bluetooth syncing so you can start a subscription service, well go screw yourself, because I will delete the app you dont fix iCloud sync and find an app company that doesnt screw its paying customers!

This update disappointed me

So I bought this app and I love it so much. I would give 5 stars BUT this update disappointed me, every time I open the app there is a pop up window which offers me to buy in-app family share option. I dont want it! Do not impose us please!! Due this issue. I had to downgrade this update to the previous one. So sad.

Ottima ma....

Family cloud non va !!!!

Very easy money management

First if you used to have the old app (Money) you can import you info to this new app. Its very easy to use and it has a very nice look. You can get also the Mac app or the iPad and it syncs with all of your devices.


A great fix for Belorussian customers, but to late.


This app is awesome! Ive owned the Money app system for nearly 3 years now, and this app has come a long way since the original Money application. I recommend this application to everyone, especially if you are interested in knocking out debt and building a nest egg savings. It took me about 3-6 months to learn exactly how much my wife and I need to budget for each item, including misc items. I have no problem syncing my iPhone 6 and MacBook Pro with this app. Things Id like to see in the future: add a line in the budgeting section that shows the user exactly how much money is left for the budgeted category instead of just how much money was spent/budgeted; add sync option with Apple calendar that displays an upcoming bill or recurring bill with an alert system (e.g. 3,10,30 days til "cable bill" is due); add a stock option with sync - the owner inputs into the app how many shares of a particular stock owned in a company, the app auto syncs daily with stock updates which correlates to users stock ownership showing a rise or drop in price; lastly, instead of a manual edit for liability payments such as a car payment - make it so the user can input the liability into the app which shows interest rate, monthly payments, and how much money is actually put towards principal after interest is collected. Nonetheless, the app does a wonderful job at meeting all basic needs to budgeting. Money well spent. Get your Money app today and learn where youre money slips away to every month.

Excellent Money Management App

Ive been using this app about 1-year and I couldnt be more pleased! It does everything I need to do to track my money, syncs across all my devices, analysis via the reports and the categories that I set up. Thanks!

Syncs nicely between devices

I was looking for an app that let me manage payments on my Mac and add transactions on my phone. This one provides the same functionality on both platforms. There is the usual learning curve when switching applications. I was using GNUcash previously. Having used the app for a few months now I manage the accounts on whatever device is at hand. Im finally happy with a money management app.


This app isnt even worth 1 star. What a waste of money, albeit it was under a $1. Ive spent 2 hours trying to get it to give me a correct balance. It wont even tell me what income minus expenses are. Thanks but no thanks Ill stick to Checkbook HD a far superior program. Valerie Herman.

Ok Very Good

I Love this App

Problem Report

Since one month the app shuts down after 10 seconds. Please developer solve this problem (bug) urgent !!!!!


App funktioniert wie sie soll.

Fantastic Tracking App

Easy to use. Links on all my platforms. Great reports.


This is the best personal finance app in store. I tried many apps and finally found that app. Moneycare app is no longer good and has no budget function. Expense 5 can tell you how much you will save in a tear. Money Wiz is very complicated. Thanks fir this awesome app and keep it up

High Potential

This app excels in everything except custom budgeting and there is where it fails miserably. There is an option to set custom dates but thats pretty much it as budget amounts will still be set to the default month cycle (1st to last day of month). Since this is a must have option for me and because I dont see any progress on that I gave it two stars. Update 27/06 - Still no feedback on the issue. Update 12/07 - No feedback on the issue from the developer - rating reduced

Great app!

Ive used this app for more than a year and its still quite useful and handy. Good job and keep improving.

Great App

Does everything I need. Only suggestion would be better instructions and autofill and type payee selection instead of scrolling a huge list.

Money Pro

Excellent App, great visual properties for numbers, great functionalty including color, ease of data entry, with date,time control. Reports are easy.

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